Welcome to our Tiny Teddys

Adorable little teddy bear faced pups, from our Shih Tzu mothers and gorgeous Yorkie stud.

Shorkies usually weigh between 5 and 8 lbs. Occasionally, one pup may be smaller or larger than this, as we breed first generation of Shih Tzu to first generation Yorkie.  Our Shorkies, so far, have matured to between 5 and 7 lbs..  Our pups are only adopted after their first vet visit, where they receive all necessary puppy shots and Revolution or equivalent.  We provide the puppy with harness and lead, toys and of course plenty of spoiling.  We also provide you with a  supply of puppy food,  we like to feed only the best of Canadian puppy food, Orijen, Acana and Raw food  made to our own recipe. 

Our pups are usually priced between $750.00 and $950.00.

Shorkies are family- friendly dogs, they are non-shedding, considered hypo-allergenic and are smart little dogs, easily trained.   

Please Enquire for future litters in our family 

Our litter of shorkies for 2015 has all pre-sold

However, we have a family Maltese X - a pure white sweet little dog- bred to the same little Yorkie as the Shorkies - who delivered 5 healthy tiny pups, 26 Aug. 2015 - this is Maisie's first litter so puppies are priced at $650.  With her colouring and the lovely blue from the Yorkie, these will be gorgeous little puppies.

We already have a list of "keep me informed"  Please be in touch if you would like photos of these adorable, tiny pups

Please browse our photos and email us if you would like more information - we love to talk about our pups.  If you are interested in a future litter, please fill in the adoption form and email to us.

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 "Chloe" Shorkie fully grown and as a pup above

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